Long gone, but now back... sort of.  :)

So, what's this all about, anyway?

If you've made it to this page, you probably already know me (Fred Langa) from some previous gig: Windows Secrets, or the LangaList newsletter, or the original LangaLetter newsletter, or Windows Magazine (or its siblings: NetGuide and Home PC), or Byte Magazine, or Popular Computing, yadda yadda yadda. Basically, I've been a tech editor and writer forever.

I'm currently exploring relaunching some kind of blog or newsletter or website. Tech will undoubtedly be a major topic, but not the sole focus. This site is an experimental foray into one possible format. (This is the third web host I've tried so far....)

If you'd like me to ping you when I resume publishing, just drop me a note at: ContactFred@Langa.Com . I'll personally send you a heads-up (by reply email) when this site goes live for real.

Likewise feel free to use that page to ask questions or just to say hi! 

Thanks for your interest!
Yup, it's this guy again.